About the brand

Queen Dental is a German manufacturer of dental materials

At Queen Dental, we’ve pioneered cutting-edge materials and tools for oral health treatment and prevention, driven by a singular mission: to empower dentists to work more efficiently, safely, and creatively. Our commitment extends beyond clinical excellence; we strive to deliver products that bring satisfaction and pride to our valued customers.

Situated in the heart of Zeebach commune, Baden-Württemberg, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility adheres to the most rigorous technical and scientific standards. Our production center proudly holds ISO 13485 certification, attesting to our unwavering dedication to quality.

Our core principle is simple yet impactful: ‘Delivering world-class quality while safeguarding your budget.’ Queen Dental’s product quality rivals that of industry leaders, serving as the gold standard, yet remains remarkably affordable.
Queen Dental is rapidly gaining global recognition. When we say ‘high German quality,’ we mean it. We are committed to infusing this ethos into every facet of our products, preserving its intrinsic value.

Our Products