Champion High Flow

Flowable composites play an important role in the development of clinical and especially aesthetic stomatology. Champion flowable composites are characterized by a reduced filler loading percentage and a modified polymer matrix based on high flow resins.

Instruction for use

Product Description

The different viscosity of the composites of the flowable group affects their mechanical, optical
and chemical properties, opening up new possibilities of application, considering clinical
Low-modulus flowable composites are indispensable as the first adaptive layer of a composite
in extensive cavities of the I and II classes, for treatment of caries of the II class, then marginal
ridge is intact and an occlusal surface, fissure decay, small wedge-shaped defects, abfraction
defects and other lesions of gingival margin.
The general properties characterizing the materials of the flowable group are high fluidity,
thixotropy, flexural strength, good polishability and abrasion resistance.
- All modifications of Champion flow composite are available in various shades for the best

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