Root canal preparation gel


Syringe, 9 g 2 pcs

Instruction 1 pcs


Shape: paste

Colour: white

Odour: odourless

Solid content: 61-95 %


Unlock the Potential of WR PREP for Enhanced Root Canal Treatment. When it comes to tackling intricate and branched root canals within the complex anatomical structures of teeth, WR PREP is the ultimate solution. This advanced product combines chemical and mechanical approaches to help you navigate the most challenging scenarios.

Specially Designed for:

Expansion, cleaning, shaping and treatment of difficult to pass and branched root canals of teeth.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Precise Canal Location: WR PREP aids in locating the elusive openings of root canals, ensuring thorough access.
  • Efficient Debridement: It excels at removing remnants of pulp tissue and root dentin that may accumulate during instrumental treatment, leaving you with impeccably cleaned and prepared root canals.
  • Chemical Expansion: WR PREP facilitates chemical expansion of root canals, making your procedures more effective.
  • Smooth Instrumentation: Experience the convenience of smooth instrument movement, whether you prefer manual or mechanical methods.
  • Thorough Cleansing: This solution effectively cleans canal walls, removing infected dentin and organic residues.
  • Bactericidal Action: WR PREP possesses bactericidal properties, eliminating harmful pathogens and enhancing patient safety.
  • Easy Application: Thanks to its user-friendly applicator, WR PREP is easy to apply, streamlining your workflow.

Choose WR PREP and elevate your root canal treatments to new heights of precision and success. Clean and prepared root canals are the cornerstone of effective dental care.

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