WR prep EDTA gel

Proper root canal therapy and drilling is an important part of endodontic treatment. WR prep EDTA Gel is designed for chemical-mechanical cleaning of difficult-to-pass branched root canals with complex anatomical structures of teeth. By enter into a reaction with sodium hypochlorite solution, it causes active foaming, helping to clean the pulp cavity, detects orifices of root canals, removes from the canals fragments of pulp and root dentin tissue, accumulated during instrumental processing. Properly cleaned and prepared root canals are the key to successful treatment.

Product Description

- Cleans the pulp cavity, helping to detect orifices of root canals;
- Effectively dissolves residue of pulp tissue and the organic part of the smeared dentin layer;
- Supports chemical expansion of root canals;
- Provides comfortable sliding of the instrument, facilitating manipulations in the root canal;
- Suitable for work with hand and machine types of tools;
- Cleans the sides of root canal from infected dentin and organic residues;
- Helps to overcome the barrier of dentin chips in the apical part of the canal;
- Possesses bactericidal activity, destroys pathogens;
- Has no impact on the surrounding tissues;
- Easy to apply thanks to the handy applicator.

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