Root canal sealer-zinc oxide eugenol cement


Powder, 15 g 1 pcs

Liquid, 10 ml 1 pcs

Dropping tube 1 pcs

Scoop 1 pcs

Mixing pad 1 pcs

Instrustion 1 pcs


Time of full curing in the root canal: 72 hours

Thickness: min 17 mm

Film thickness: > 50 microns

Solubility: > 3.0 %

Radiopacity: min 3 mm


Unlocking the Power of ENDOMAX KIT for Superior Root Canal Sealing. ENDOMAX KIT is your go-to solution for achieving impeccable root canal sealing in even the most challenging conditions, such as high humidity, the presence of blood, and various organic fluids. This innovative kit is designed to provide exceptional reliability and versatility in your dental practice. Based on zinc oxide, ENDOMAX KIT offers easy introduction into canal cavities, and its extended curing period (up to 72 hours) ensures effortless material removal and reapplication if needed. Unlike many alternatives, ENDOMAX KIT is non-absorbent and won't cause discoloration, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of patients. Plus, it's completely formaldehyde-free.

Specially Designed for:

Root canals filling with gutta-percha posts.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Advanced Radiopacity: Its advanced formula offers high radiopaque performance, effectively preventing shrinkage.
  • Pain Reduction: The anti-inflammatory component not only minimizes pain but also reduces inflammation for patient comfort.
  • Long-lasting Results: Count on ENDOMAX KIT for reliable, long-term root canal filling results.
  • Optimal Barrier: It creates a robust barrier against fluid and bacterial penetration, reducing postoperative sensitivity.
  • Powerful Antiseptic Properties: ENDOMAX KIT excels at eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, enhancing patient safety.

Moreover, this versatile preparation is adaptable to both cold and hot obturation techniques, thanks to its easily adjustable viscosity. Choose ENDOMAX KIT and elevate your root canal procedures to a new level of excellence.

Method of Application: 

  • The tooth should be well isolated (using cotton rolls or cofferdam).
  • After thorough treatment of the canal, its disinfection with an antiseptic solution, followed by rinsing and drying with paper pins, prepare the paste.
  • Before kneading, shake the powder to ensure even distribution of a homogeneous mass.
  • The paste is prepared on a pad or glass plate. 
  • The powder and liquid are mixed thoroughly until a soft paste (consistency of sour cream) is obtained. For best results, it is recommended to mix in the ratio: 2 parts of powder (measured with a measuring spoon) to 3-6 drops of liquid. 
  • Proceed to fill the canal with a canal filler and insert one or more pre-prepared pins into the canal. 
  • The prepared paste is introduced in two or three portions into the prepared root canal.

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