EVEREST I (35g, 20ml)

Radiopaque glass ionomer luting cement

EVEREST I (35g, 20ml)

Powder, 35 g 1 pcs

Liquid, 20 ml 1 pcs

Scoop 1 pcs

Mixing pad 1 pcs

Instruction 1 pcs

EVEREST I (35g, 20ml)

Mixing time: max 2 min

Removal of excess material: 3-4 min

Curing time: 2.5-8 min

Film thickness: max 25 µm

Adhesion strength: high

Curing: chemical

Compressive strength (min): 50 MPa


EVEREST I Cement: The Epitome of Reliability and Performance. Experience the perfect synergy of trustworthiness and excellence with EVEREST I Cement. This remarkable dental cement offers an enduring solution for your long-term restorative needs, boasting a set of unparalleled physical and chemical properties. Its exceptional ability to establish a secure bond between metal and tooth structure ensures not only exceptional strength but also the utmost integrity of your restorations. When you opt for EVEREST I Cement, you choose a solution that embodies reliability, performance, and unwavering commitment to your patients' well-being. Choose EVEREST I Cement and elevate your dental restorations to a level of reliability, performance, and patient care that's second to none.

Key characteristics:

  • Strength and Durability: The film thickness of EVEREST I Cement guarantees robust bonding for luting crowns, bridges, posts, and various orthopedic restorations.
  • Enhanced Adhesion: Unlike conventional phosphate cements, EVEREST I Cement is enriched with polyacrylic acid, elevating its adhesive properties and fortifying the chemical connection between the cement and dentin, thus preventing pulp irritation.
  • User-Friendly: A straightforward preparation process, seamless application, and uncomplicated luting technique make the restorative process remarkably hassle-free.

Specially Designed for:

  • Metal, metal-ceramic, zirconia, and metal-composite crowns and bridges, compatible with all alloys.
  • Ceramic and metal inlays/onlays.
  • Ceramic crowns and bridges.
  • Composite crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays in all composite materials.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • High Compressive and Tensile Strength: EVEREST I ensures secure fixation, ensuring the enduring resilience of your restoration.
  • Optimal Consistency: The cement's ideal consistency simplifies its application and processing.
  • Bacteriostatic Effect: EVEREST I possesses a bacteriostatic effect that fosters dental health.
  • Prolonged Fluoride Release: The cement promotes gradual fluoride release, reinforcing enamel strength.
  • Rapid Curing: EVEREST I offers swift curing, reducing wait times.
  • Exceptional Radiopacity: The cement's high radiopacity eases diagnosis and restoration monitoring.
  • Minimal Postoperative Sensitivity: Virtually no post-operative sensitivity ensures the safety of the dental pulp.

Method of Application: 

  • Take the required amount of powder and liquid on a mixing pad and knead quickly with a spatula for 20 seconds. 
  • For mixing larger quantities of material, divide the powder into two equal parts. Mix the first part with all the liquid for 5 seconds. Then add the remaining powder and thoroughly mix the entire material for a further 15 seconds (20 seconds total time).


  • Add inside the structure to be fixed with a layer of cement and start fixing immediately. Working time is 2 min from the start of mixing at 23º C. Higher temperatures will shorten the working time.
  • Apply moderate pressure.
  • Start removing excess cement at the rubber-like stage of curing.
  • Finishing can be done 5 min after the start of fixing.

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