Champion Flow

Champion Flow is a one-component, light-cured, mixing-free, highly flowable composite that saves time in everyday practice. The flowable structure of the composite allows it to penetrate into the smallest tooth cavities, creating a thin, dense layer. The plasticity of the material ensures maximum accuracy in restoring the relief and shape of the tooth. Pairs perfectly as a liner for the Champion Universal composite.

Packaging: 2 x 1.5 g

Instruction for use

Product Description

Flowable composites play an important role in the development of clinical and especially aesthetic stomatology. Champion flowable composites are characterized by a reduced filler loading percentage and a modified polymer matrix based on high flow resins.
The different viscosity of the composites of the flowable group affects their mechanical, optical and chemical properties, opening up new possibilities of application, considering clinical indications.
The general properties characterizing the materials of the flowable group are high fluidity, thixotropy, flexural strength, good polishability and abrasion resistance.
- All modifications of Champion flow composite are available in various shades for the best match.
The physical properties of the material help to preserve filling aesthetics and color fastness for the long term. The restoration does not become pigmented when it comes into contact with teeth-staining foods. The exceptional characteristics of the Champion Flow light-cured flowable composite make it possible to qualitatively restore the functional properties of a damaged tooth, and the broad color scale restores it to its original, natural look, resulting in a flawless smile!
- Available in various shades for a better match;
- Low viscosity facilitates quick and easy application;
- Suitable for use as a liner or base;
- Suitable for fissures sealing;
- Optimal for minimally invasive restorations;
- Preferred for the tunneling technique;
- Used to block undercuts;
- Provides good bonding strength regardless of the filling method and cavity depth;
- Possesses an extremely low polymerization shrinkage coefficient;
- Exceptional polishability;
- Good radiopacity facilitates postoperative diagnosis.

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