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Light-cured flowable restorative composite low flowability


Syringe 2 pcs

Cannula 2 pcs

Instruction 1 pcs


Film thickness: max 50 mm

Curing depth:
opaque colours max 1.0 mm/min
non-opaque colours max 1.5 mm/min

Bending strength: 80 MPa µg/mm³

X-ray contrast: min 1 mm

Fill by weight: 65%

• with halogen lamps - with plasma lamps
• with LED lamps
• with curing lamps

Curing depth: 30 sec. 3 mm


Champion Low Flow Composite: Precision in Every Layer. Champion Low Flow Composite is a light-cured, low-flow composite meticulously engineered to achieve the perfect viscosity for creating thin, dependable layers while effectively filling all cracks and subcavities. It's the ideal choice for Class III and V cavity restorations.

Specially Designed for:

  • Direct restorations.
  • Restoration of Class I, II, III, IV, and V carious cavities.
  • Establishing a secure bond between restorations and tooth tissue.
  • Restoration of tooth stumps.
  • Stabilization of mobile teeth.
  • Correction of composite restorations.
  • Crafting and repairing indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers).
  • Serving as a base/spacer for direct composite restorations.
  • Blocking (closing) subcavities.
  • Fissure sealing in pediatric dentistry.
  • Creating color effects (chalk spots, enamel cracks, etc.) and tinting composite restorations.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Superior Plasticity: Thanks to its wide viscosity range, this material easily molds to create even the most intricate structures, without sticking to instruments and avoiding unwanted runoff.
  • Exceptional Durability: It resists abrasion when meeting antagonist teeth, ensuring the longevity of your restoration work.
  • Effortless Polishing: The composite surface can be quickly and easily polished, delivering a gleaming, finished appearance to your restoration.

Champion Low Flow Composite provides precision and durability in every layer, ensuring the excellence your practice and patients deserve.

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