Endomax Kit

- Due to the improved formula provides high radiopaque characteristics and shrinkage prevention
- Anti-inflammatory component reduces pain and relieves inflammation
- Guarantees long-term results of permanent root canal filling.
- Creates an optimal barrier against the penetration of liquids and bacteria, and also prevents the occurrence of postoperative sensitivity.
- antiseptic function, destroys pathogenic microorganisms. It affects the microflora of the periapical focus in periodontitis. As the paste hardens, the effect of these substances weakens, and then stops.
- Viscosity of the preparation easily adapts to all cold and hot obturation techniques
- Zincoeugenol oxide, which is the basis of the Endomax Kit, is easily inserted into the canal cavities, and the period of complete hardening of the paste (up to 72 hours) makes it easy to remove the material and make repeated applications (if necessary).

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