Rhapsody Flow Prophylaxis Powder - Lemon

Professional oral hygiene is an integral part of dental disease prevention. Rhapsody Flow is a prophylactic agent for professional oral hygiene, which prevents the buildup of disease-causing bacteria and their detrimental effect on dental and gingival health.

Packaging: 300 g

Product Description

Where toothbrushes fail, Rhapsody Flow cleans up the hardest-to-reach areas with a finely dispensed sodium bicarbonate-based powder dissolved in water. This procedure removes various types of deposits from the surface of the tooth and from the interdental spaces. With the new formula, Rhapsody Flow's delicate 40µm beads do not damage tooth enamel.
To make the procedure pleasant and comfortable for your patients, we have added various fruit flavors to the ingredients. There are 6 flavors for you to choose from! Rhapsody Flow gently cleanses and polishes enamel to improve the appearance and health of teeth. As a final procedure, you can use the QueenPolish Z polishing paste to strengthen the enamel and reduce sensitivity.
- Removal of plaque and pigmentation
- Timely prevention of decay and periodontal disease
- Preparation of teeth for clinical and home whitening
- Preparation of teeth for fluoride therapy
- Preparation of the oral cavity for dental intervention
- Removal of pigment after removing a bracket system
- Improvement of metabolic processes in the soft tissues of the mouth

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