Calcedent enamel hermetic

Dental mineralization is a powerful strengthening method in preventive dentistry, which is indicated for both children and adults. Deep fluoridation of teeth using Calcedent enamel hermetic involves the mineralization of dental tissues using the important components fluoride and calcium.

Packaging: liquid 20 ml suspension 20 ml

Instruction for use

Product Description

Calcium fluoride crystals are securely sealed deep within the affected areas, actively stimulating the remineralization of the enamel when it is weakened by the dissolution of hydroxyapatite crystals, and providing long-term protection of healthy teeth.
- Strengthens the structure of demineralized tissues
- Fortifies the remineralization of enamel, increasing its barrier function
- Prevents decay and treatment of superficial and initial decay
- Treats hypersensitivity of the tooth neck
- Seals fissures
- Strengthens dental tissues weakened due to lack of calcium in pregnant and lactating women (use with caution)
- Strengthens the enamel before prolonged wearing of orthodontic devices before installing braces and restores the enamel after removal of adhesive for braces after their removal
- Before and after teeth whitening
- Treatment of noncarious lesions: hypoplasia or abrasion of the enamel.

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