Calcedent dentin hermetic

Dental mineralization is a powerful strengthening method of preventive dentistry, which is indicated for both children and adults. Deep fluoridation of teeth using Calcedent dentin hermetic involves the mineralization of dental tissues using the important components fluoride and calcium.

Packaging: liquid 20 ml suspension 20 ml

Instruction for use

Product Description

When Calcedent dentin hermetic is applied, it initiates the formation of tiny crystals of calcium fluoride, which penetrate deep into the dentin, closing its micropores and ensuring mineralization. The use of deep fluoridation facilitates a pronounced increase in the dentin remineralization rate.
- Strengthens the structure of demineralized tissues
- Removes dentin hypersensitivity
- Seals dentinal tubules and encapsulates dental root cement
- Long-term pulp protection
- Reduces the incidence of secondary decay, extending the service life of the filling already installed.

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