Magic Bond

The selection of the correct adhesive system can be a determinant for a long-term restoration. The self-etching adhesive system Magic Bond has a number of advantages inherent in adhesives of this generation: there is no etching and washout stage, a simpler and faster method of work, multifunctional performance. There is no need to worry about the moisture level of the dentin surface. In addition, dentin is etched shallowly, without removing "plugs" in the dentinal tubules, which helps to avoid collapse of collagen fibers and reduces the risk of postoperative sensitivity.

Instruction for use

Product Description

Self-etching adhesive Magic Bond is indispensable for the restoration of cervical defects of dental tissue. The system allows to transform dentin smear layer and simultaneously decalcify the surface layer in the area of ​​the base of the defect, where dentin sclerosis is often formed, which blocks the access to adhesives.
Self-etching adhesive Magic Bond preferable in cases, where the surface, from which the connection will be formed, represented mainly by dentin, as well as in working areas, where difficult to isolate from oral fluids. Among other things, in clinical practice, the choice of a specialist should be based on an objective assessment of the potential of the teeth in whole, the group of teeth, and the age of the patient.
- Is ideal for restoration of cervical defects of hard tooth tissues;
- Forms extra-strong connection with dentine, despite a thin hybrid layer;
- Promotes a reliable retention of filling material;
- Excludes collagen fiber collapse and progress of post- surgery sensitivity;
- Minimizes a possibility of contamination of dentinal tubules;
- Easy to use;
- Does not demand etching and washout;
- Significantly saves a specialist's time in daily practice.

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