Everest KIDS

Everest Kids is the glass ionomer restorative cement for use in pediatric dentistry designed for filling work in deciduous teeth. It features faster curing time, which is ideal for small patients’ treatment. Cement has a prolonged anti-caries effect. Supplied as a two-part powder-liquid system for manual mixing.

Instruction for use

Product Description

- Accelerated curing time;
- Simple technique and excellent performance characteristics allow the mixed material to be placed in the cavity quickly and easily in a single step;
- No rubber dam required;
- Pronounced chemical adhesion to enamel and dentin;
- Cariostatic activity due to sustained release of fluoride after completion of the restoration;
- A strong bond with the dentine seals the tooth, reducing the likelihood of microleakage, which helps to reduce the risk of hypersensitivity;
- Forms strong adhesion to dental adhesive systems;
- Formation of retention points is not required, allowing for gentle tooth preparation techniques;
- Good radiopacity facilitates postoperative diagnosis;
- High biocompatibility.

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